Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Cancer Society

Having an up-to-date Will gives you the peace of mind that your wishes will be respected after you are gone. It also avoids difficult decisions and legal complications for your loved ones. If you wish, you can extend your legacy by leaving a gift to your chosen charity.

In Saskatchewan, the Canadian Cancer Society or CCS offers the Free Wills Month program, which runs from 1st to 30th November and is available to those aged 55 and over. Through this program simple Wills are written or updated free of charge by using participating lawyers or law firms in Regina and Saskatoon.

Legacy gifts are a significant source of funding for CCS. Leaving a legacy gift to the organization is a simple way to make a lasting contribution and help more people survive cancer in the future, while reducing or eliminating taxes on your estate.  

By making a bequest or leaving a gift of life insurance, investments or property, you will join others who have made planned gifts in support of world-class research, services for patients and their families and other important work.

This program can be used as an opportunity to create or review your estate planning objectives. CCS pays for simple Wills but you can ‘top up’ the fees if your requirements are more complicated. There’s also no obligation to include CCS in your Will, but we hope that once you have taken care of your family and friends, you will decide to include a gift to the organization.

Ken Dunagvell is a lawyer who has a very personal reason for taking part in Canadian Cancer Society Free Wills program. As a three-time cancer survivor, he has benefited from the charity’s patient transportation service and knows the impact of research funding as he was a recipient of a cutting-edge new treatment. Watch Ken’s story here:

Thanks to investments in cancer prevention, early detection and treatment, the overall cancer survival rate has increased from about 25% in the 1940s to at least 60% today. For some cancers, like thyroid and testicular, the survival rate is over 90%. This progress was made possible because people like you chose to leave a legacy gift to CCS. 

Every day in Canada, 565 people are diagnosed with cancer and sadly 221 people die from it. 

A legacy gift has lasting meaning through which future generations benefit. This type of support is urgently needed as the number of cancer cases in Canada is expected to jump dramatically by 2030 due to our aging and growing population.  

The Canadian Cancer Society, sets itself apart from other cancer charities by taking a comprehensive approach to the way it takes action against more than 100 types of cancer. 

Here’s how they are doing more: 

The impact of CCS is far-reaching, geographically. No other charity makes such an impact on so many types of cancer. Their efforts help people in your community and right across Canada. 

Barbara Garvin’s footprint

As well as being a Cancer Society volunteer, I’ve also been a donor for many years now. A few years ago, I deepened my support even further. I decided to include the Canadian Cancer Society as a beneficiary in my will. Now I know that I will help someone with cancer even after I’m gone. It’s a footprint I want to leave behind me.”

Barbara Garvin – volunteer, donor and legacy pledger

CCS is counting on passionate supporters like you to ensure that they can meet the surge in demand for the work they do. By remembering the Canadian Cancer Society in your Will today, you can help more people survive cancer in the future.

How to take part in the Free Wills Month program  

Contact one of the lawyers or law firms listed below, making sure to mention the Free Wills Month program and Canadian Cancer Society when you book your appointment. 

Anne E. Hardy Law Office
Anne Hardy 306-665-0020  [email protected]
816 3rd Avenue North, Saskatoon S7K 2K2                                            (French and German also spoken)

Peszko & Watson
Jason Peszko & Logan Marchand 306-244-9865  [email protected]; [email protected]
300-245 Third Avenue S, Saskatoon S7K 1M4

Stooshinoff Bitzer
Clara Bitzer 306-653-9003   [email protected]
300-416 21st Street East, Saskatoon S7K 0C2

Bonnie L. Reddekopp, J.D., B.A. (Hons.)  [email protected] 
300-3333 8th Street East, Saskatoon S7H 4K1

Koskie Helms
T.F. (Ted) Koskie 306-242-8478   [email protected]
3-501 Gray Avenue, Saskatoon S7N 2H8

Bayda Giroux LLP
Scott Giroux 306-664-3314   [email protected]
400-245 3rd Avenue South, Saskatoon S7K 1M4

McDougall Gauley LLP
Megan Lorenz 306-665-5470   [email protected]
500-616 Main Street , Saskatoon S7H 0J6

McDougall Gauley LLP
Jeffrey Norwig : 306-565-5168   [email protected]
1500-1881 Scarth Street , Regina S4P 4K9

Linka Howe Law Offices
Rodger Linka : 306-761-7400   [email protected]
300-533 Victoria Avenue Regina S4N 0P8

Griffin Toews Maddigan
Michael B. Griffin : 306-525-6125   [email protected]
1530 Angus Street, Regina S4T 1Z1

Findlay Law Office
Don Findlay : 306-522-3631   [email protected]
2100 Smith Street, Regina S4P 2P2

Rasmussen Rasmussen & Charowsky
Ciara McIlwaine : 306-525-8911   [email protected]
3301 College Avenue, Regina S4T 1W3                                                  (French also spoken)

For more information on the Canadian Cancer Society, please contact: 

Trina Owens, Officer, Philanthropy, Planned Giving: 306-790-5819, [email protected]


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