Free Wills Month in Hamilton and Ottawa

Two charities are running Free Wills Month campaigns in Ontario throughout November. 

The Canadian Cancer Society is running a promotion in Hamilton – https://freewillsmonth/ccs – while the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is sponsoring a promotion in Ottawa – https://freewillsmonth/cpaws/. This page helps you take part in the promotion if you don’t live in either of those locations.

The promotion is available to anyone living in Ontario provided you are happy to use a Will-writing service from Axess Law, a prominent Toronto law firm. Axess have developed a robust and easy-to-use method whereby you can have an online video interview with a lawyer who takes your instructions and drafts your Will. The service has the approval of Ontario Law Society and has won several awards and commendations.

Should I include a gift to one of the charities?

The Canadian Cancer Society is Canada’s leading cancer charity. CPAWS protects our wilderness. Both charities depend on legacies in Wills for a large part of their income and Free Wills Month is certainly a golden opportunity for you to do something really good – creating your lasting legacyFree Wills Month enables you to write your Will or update an existing one and at the same time consider including a charity. There is no obligation to include any of the charities in your Will; however, a legacy costs you nothing now but helps secure the future of great causes.

How does it work?

You book an appointment with Axess Law on 833-303-2855 and they take everything from there. Free Wills Month pays for simple Wills, as defined by the drafting lawyer. Should your Will be more complicated, the lawyer might charge you for the extra work but this will be clearly signposted to you.


Please email [email protected] or call 888-337-2884


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